6 Things BTS Might Do While They’re In LA For The Grammys

ARMY is begging for number 1 to happen.

If you hadn’t heard, BTS is confirmed to be attending the upcoming Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. While the boys are in the area, they’ll likely get up to some other mischief besides just attending the show.

1. Carpool Karaoke

Carpool Karaoke is a popular segment where late-night television host James Corden drives around with an artist and sings their songs with them. Past guests have included Cardi B and Ariana Grande. ARMY have been dying to see BTS as a guest, watching James Corden struggle with the Korean lyrics would be hilarious content. BTS previously featured on The Late Late Show which Corden hosts so it’s definitely a possibility.

2. Jungkook should get all the hot dogs he wants

Jungkook famously loves American hot dogs, he should use his time in LA wisely to stock up on as many as he can.

3. Go to Disneyland or Universal Studios

BTS should use their time in the United States to enjoy themselves and what’s more fun than a trip to Disney Land or Universal Studios? MOMOLAND went on a similar trip and they certainly seemed to enjoy themselves.

4. Network

BTS met a lot of artists during their time at the Billboard Music Awards. It’s likely they will cross paths with more celebrities and industry professionals during their next trip to LA. RM promised Pharell in particular that they would meet up and do something, and there’s the rumoured collab with Zedd that’s been brewing for a long time.

5. Do a bit of recording

Since the boys will be in one of the music capitals of the world, it would be a great opportunity to hop in the studio and do something a bit more personal, perhaps with an American artist?

6. Have fun and be a tourist

Los Angeles is a beautiful and lively city. The boys should kick back and just enjoy themselves, they’ve earned it.