8 Things You Can Do To Prevent Yourself From Getting Involved In Fan Wars

The dreaded fan wars.

No fandom is safe from fan wars and unfortunately, you can often find them throughout the world of K-Pop. To many people, fan wars may seem completely unavoidable but there are a few things that you can do to save yourself from the frustration of them!


1. Do your research

Unfortunately, there are some antis that will spread rumors online just to start wars within other fandoms. Our first instinct is to automatically defend our idols and our fandom but sometimes a little caution is advised. Doing a little research works in two ways. First, you’ll find out if this is an issue that is actually real or a rumor. Secondly, if it is real, you’ll have some evidence to back up your side!


2. Let it out offline

We know that an intense fan war can make your blood boil but if you post anything online about it, you’ll likely get attacked or get pulled into it all. Instead, let it all out offline. Maybe you can get a friend to lend you a listening ear or just shout it all out! Seriously when you let some of that steam out offline, you’re much more likely to resist the urge to get involved.


3. Don’t choose favorites

It might be hard to do because we like the music style of one group in particular, but the less we choose favorites the less likely we are to get involved in a specific fandom war. In the past, fans of two or more groups were more likely to look at things from both fandoms perspectives and less likely to actively engage in the heated arguments.


4. Avoid ongoing wars

There have been some fan wars that have been going on for years and seem like they are never going to end. There’s really no perfect way to prevent yourself from getting entangled in these messes so our advice is to just avoid them if you can!


5. Use hashtags with caution

Hashtags can be a bit of a dangerous game. On the one hand, they’re a great way to tag your fandom or express something but they can also be used on the war front. More times than we can count a hashtag of one group has gone viral and thus incurred the wrath of that group’s antis. While not all these hashtags cause wars when you use any of them just practice some caution.


6. Consider only voting once

As hard as it might be, voting once might save you a lot of trouble because voting for certain programs is the starting point of many fan wars. When you think about it, each fandom is actively trying to ensure that their group wins X award so any other group that is up for the same award is almost like an automatic enemy. Instead, vote once knowing you did your part and save yourself the trouble of getting sucked into a full-blown war.


7. Don’t engage

This probably goes without saying but not engaging in the fan wars definitely prevents you from getting into the thick of things. This can be super hard but sometimes it’s best to let all the toxic people let things out. Meanwhile, you can sit back in your chair and enjoy all the drama.


8. Avoid at all costs

And if all else fails, you can always try to avoid the places and events that start fan wars even if it’s incredibly hard!