10+ Things That Only K-Pop Fans Do That Are A Little Bit Weird

You’re not crazy, you’re just… a fan!

It doesn’t matter if you are new to K-Pop or a long-time fan, you know that K-Pop is no joke. From the fan chants to incredible displays fans create for idols’ birthdays or anniversaries, K-Pop can be pretty intense. An outsider may take a look at some of the things that are fairly common among fans and think it’s totally weird. And maybe it is! But who knows? We’re all too deep into the land of K-Pop to really know anymore!


1. Buying pretty much anything with your bias on it

Albums filled with unique photo cards, special stickers designed by your bias on your phone, fluffy pillows with a photo of your bias group, and every type of clothing imaginable with your group’s logo or bias’ face on it. We’ve just got to have them all. And then we wonder how we ended up being broke. Such is the life of a K-Pop fan!


2. Buying something that could be even remotely connected to your bias group

You know that new type of ramen that just so happens to have a picture of your bias on it? Well, what are you supposed to do if you just so happen to see it at the grocery store? Buy it of course!


3. Saving every kind of picture that features your bias

Do they look hot AF? Saved! Are they making a wacky face? Yep, we’re definitely holding on to that one! Close up picture of your bias’ elbow? Well, yeah we’re saving that! Who knows when you’re going to need it!


4. Having long discussions with your idols

You’ve collected all that merch featuring your idols and you’ve got plenty of pictures saved on your phone and computer so what’s a person to do but have a conversation with their bias!


5. Happily watching them live their everyday lives

Whether they’re dishing out advice on Hello Counselor, surviving on Law of the Jungle, or simply giving us a glimpse into their everyday life during a livestream we can’t help but fall in love with them a little bit more.


6. Being incredibly excited to see male idols dressed as females and vice versa

Why is it so thrilling to see a whole bunch of guys dressed up as girls? And why do our hearts skip a beat when girls take on a more masculine appearance? No one knows but every fan experiences it. It’s something a non-fan would never understand in a million years!


7. Being obsessed with certain letters of the alphabet

Can I just say that I am a huge fan of the letter L, V, Y, K and N. Plus I can’t get enough of the letters CL, GD, I.M, B.I, D.O., LE, and IU. Just a guess but you probably love these letters just as much!


8. Comparing your idols to animals, food, or cartoon characters

Okay, but there’s a reasonable explanation for this! Animals and cartoon characters are adorable just like our idols and food is our lifeblood just like our favorite groups. So if anybody ever says anything about it being weird just show them a picture of TWICE’s Nayeon next to a bunny and they will totally get it!


9. Calling your idol by 100 different names

If you think about it your bias probably has a lot of different names. There are the nicknames that fans call them, the nicknames their members started, their real name, and stage names. Every fan knows every single one of their bias’ names and can use them all. Other fans will understand but everyone outside your fandom is probably at a complete loss.


10. Shipping of any sort

Maybe it’s because we know we’ll never get close to dating or even becoming friends with our idols that we start shipping them with each other. From the love type ships that some fans have to the straight-up friendship ships, we just can’t help ourselves!


11. Not so secretly reading fanfiction

Everyone always told us that reading was good for us so why wouldn’t the same be said about fanfiction? Plus there are literally thousands of stories at the tips of your fingers to satisfy your K-Pop craving between comebacks.  A non-fan might not understand, but every single fan totally gets it.


12. Fangirling or fanboying over your idol literally just breathing

From an outsiders perspective, it would be super odd to see someone so excited over a person just standing there but as a fan, there’s something undeniably thrilling about it! So it doesn’t really matter if their smiling, performing, or simply existing K-Pop fans are 100% down for it!


13. Watching unsubbed content even if you can’t understand anything

So what if you have no clue what they’re saying, the wait for subs is just too darn painful and hard! Instead, you go ahead and watch the full video. It’s okay, we’ve all been there and we know you’ll watch it again once subs have been added!