9 Things K-Pop Fans Are Sick Of Hearing From Everyone

To people who are not acquainted with the genre, K-Pop seems like nothing more, than music in a different language.

Little do they know that K-Pop fans consist of people all around the world and are not specific to any ethnicity. Those who are not fans of K-Pop, however, tend to misunderstand certain aspects.

1. “Is that a girl or a boy?”

2. “Why do you listen to them? You don’t even understand what they’re saying.”

3. “I listen to K-Pop too! Gangnam Style is my favorite song.”


4. “Why do you like them? They all look the same.”

5. “Are they Chinese, Japanese, XXXXXXXX?”

6. “Is he the Korean Justin Bieber?”


7. “I think I’ve heard this song before! Isn’t this song plagiarized?”

8. “Did he/she get plastic surgery?”


9. “Why do you like them? They don’t even know you exist.”

Yes, they do!