10+ Things You Might Have Missed In Agust D’s “Daechwita” MV

10+ cameos, clues, and hidden details from Suga’s new music video.

BTS‘s Suga just released a new Agust D music video that’s loaded with references and tiny details that could be missed the first time around. How many of these 10+ things did you notice?

1. Jin and Jungkook’s cameo

Agust D bumps into a bearded man who is none other than Jin! When Jin turns to look into the camera, his pole taps Jungkook‘s head and the two start fighting.

2. The release date

D-2 was released on May 22, 2020. In Agust D’s 2016 “AGUST D” and “give it to me” music videos, the numbers “20 52” pop up. 20 = 2020, 5 = May, and combining the twos on each end makes 22.

3. The car

In “Daechwita” MV, a modern-day, dark-haired Agust D drives up to a palace to challenge the blonde-haired, King Agust D of old.

The car he’s riding in is the first model of the Hyundai Grandeur Azera, manufactured from 1986 to 1992. BTS happens to be brand ambassadors for Hyundai. Coincidence? We think not!

If this car looks familiar, it’s because both of Agust D’s previous music videos featured a similar car.

4. The prisoner

In the “AGUST D” MV, Agust D is tied up and held captive. This theme of imprisonment, rebellion, and escape is also present in “Daechwita” MV.

The difference, however, is that we never see who is responsible for holding Agust D captive in the first music video. In “Daechwita” MV, we see that Agust D’s captor is none other than Agust D himself.

5. The setting

Part of the music video was filmed at Yongin Daejanggeum Park, previously known as MBC Dramia (“drama” + “utopia”).

Dozens of historical K-Dramas have been filmed here, including Moon Embracing the SunStray Kids‘ performance music video for “Double Knot (English Ver.)” was also filmed at this location.

6. The scar

Why does Agust D have a scar? Some ARMYs believe that it’s a reference to his song “Tony Montana”, which is about the protagonist from the movie Scarface. 

The scar also suggests that King Agust D and Prisoner Agust D previously engaged in an “eye for an eye” battle.

In “Agust D” MV, Agust D is held prisoner in a moving trailer by an unseen adversary until he manages to free himself. The sequel, “give it to me” MV, begins where “Agust D” left off: with Agust D inside the trailer, which has been in a wreck with multiple vehicles.

At the end of the video, Agust D leaves the trailer and stands above the burning wreckage.

In “Daechwita” MV, Agust D drives a car similar to the one seen in “give it to me” MV to face off with the old version of himself.

He is once again imprisoned but cheats death and kills his royal alter ego.

7. Necklaces

In “Daechwita” MV, Agust D wears necklaces that are similar to the ones he wore in 2016.

8. Ayo, Hitman Bang!

Bang Si Hyuk makes a cameo as a replica of the doodle Jungkook once drew for a guessing game.

9. A “Shadow” reference

In the lyrics, Agust D appears to reference the lyrics “I wanna be the king” from BTS’s “Interlude: Shadow”.

10. This painting

In the picture behind Agust D in the MV’s opening, we see the sun and the moon. This could be seen as a symbol for the two halves of Agust D we see in the video.

11. His crew

Agust D has six friends on his side. Some fans believe they represent his six BTS members.

Watch the video here: