10+ Things You Might Have Missed In The “BTS Universe Story” Trailer

Hidden clues, references, and much more.

Netmarble‘s 10-minute trailer for the BTS Universe Story game is filled with tiny details, references to BTS’s works, and more. Here are 10+ things you might have missed.

1. The opening shot

This opening shot of Jin strongly resembles the closing shot from…

…the “Euphoria” MV.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

2. The painting

In Jin’s father’s study is a painting by Théodore Géricault called “The Raft of the Medusa” (“Le Radeau de la Méduse”). The Medusa was a French naval frigate from the Napoleonic Wars that wrecked on a sandbank in 1816. The painting was inspired by survivor accounts.

3. The boy from The Notes 1

The boy RM rescues from the fire is Woochang, who lives in a town Jin’s father plans to redevelop. This scene happened on September 20 in Year 22.

Jin finds the list of his father’s redevelopment locations in the Inner Room (his study).

4. References to BTS music videos and songs

The trailer includes scenes and motifs from many of BTS’s works, including “Sea”, “Moon”…

…”Interlude: Shadow”…


…and “I NEED U”.

5. The cat who crosses universes

This shapeshifting cat appeared in BTS’s Save Me webtoon and several TXT music videos. Fan theorists believe the cat is a bridge between the BTS Universe and TXT Universe.

It shows up at the beach, in the “Run” tunnel…

…and at the scene of Jungkook‘s accident.

6. The smeraldo flower

Look closely and you’ll see the fictional flower from the BTS Universe here.

7. Doors to the past

Doors appear several times in the trailer, connecting BTS’s members across time and space.

When one door opened, it connected Jin to Jungkook…

…just like the window did in the “FAKE LOVE” MV.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube
| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

8. The number 7

Seven years, seven members. Seven is a significant number to BTS and the BU. It shows up on Jin’s list…

…and in the classroom.

9. Spot the difference

V‘s room in the animated and live-action scenes are nearly identical…

…but the clock and lighting changed. This suggests that V has been alone in this room for hours, possibly even days.

10. The notebook

Jin’s notebook could be a direct reference to The Notes books…

…and possibly the notebook from the LOVE YOURSELF: Highlight Reel video.

11. Jungkook’s sketchbook

In the classroom, Jungkook sits at the window alone, sketching his car accident.

Could this be what he was drawing in the LOVE YOURSELF: Highlight Reel?

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

12. J-Hope’s cast

It’s easy to miss, but dance teacher J-Hope is wearing a cast on his left leg. His crutches are propped up against the stage.