10+ Things You Might Have Missed In BTS’s Music Videos

Did you spot them all?

BTS‘s music videos are full of hidden details, references, and imagery for fans to decipher. Here are 10+ things you might not have noticed the first time around!

1. The laundromat windows in “Permission to Dance” MV

Seven is a significant number to BTS’s seven members. It can be seen here…

BTS | HYBE Labels/YouTube

…written on the window behind Jin and J-Hope.

There is also a phone number made up of BTS’s June 13, 2013 debut date.

2. Jin’s book

In “Stay Gold” MV, Jin reads A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a Shakesperean comedy about fairies meddling with human lovers. It adds a touch of mischievousness and magic to the video.

| Amazon
Jin | HYBE Labels/YouTube

3. These friendship bracelets

In the “Stay Gold” MV, BTS appears to be wearing beaded friendship bracelets. They can be seen here on J-Hope

J-Hope | HYBE Labels/YouTube

…and RM.

RM | HYBE Labels/YouTube

4. The inspiration for Suga’s doorways

In the music video for “Interlude: Shadow,” Suga raps in this unusual corridor.

Suga | HYBE Labels/YouTube

It was possibly inspired by British Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor‘s installation art called “Svayambh”. In Sanskrit, this means “self-made” or “auto-generated.”

| Anish Kapoor

5. O!RUL8,2?

The “Interlude: Shadow” MV also features several references to BTS’s 2013 EP, O!RUL8,2?.

| HYBE Labels/YouTube
| HYBE/Amazon

6. “Black Swan” vs Black Swan 

In the “Black Swan” MV, wings unfurl from Jimin‘s back. This is one of several scenes that seems to pay homage to Black Swan, a psychological horror film about the dark side of ballet.

Jimin | HYBE Labels/YouTube
| Black Swan

In another scene, Jin‘s reflections don’t follow his movements…

| HYBE Labels/YouTube

…and neither do Nina‘s in Black Swan. 

| Black Swan

7. All the film references in “ON” MV

In BTS’s dystopian world, fans spotted references to popular film and TV shows, including The Maze Runner…

| HYBE Labels/YouTube

The Lion King…

| HYBE Labels/YouTube

…Game of Thrones…

J-Hope, Jimin, and V | HYBE Labels/YouTube

Bird Box…

Child actress Rina Johnson and V | HYBE Labels/YouTube

…and The Handmaid’s Tale.

| HYBE Labels/YouTube

8. A blast from BTS’s “bulletproof” past

Past meets present in BTS’s “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal” MV. This emotional rollercoaster takes ARMY through 7 years of BTS history, beginning with “No More Dream” MV…

| HYBE Labels/YouTube
Jungkook | HYBE Labels/YouTube
| HYBE Labels/YouTube

…and ending with “Boy With Luv” MV.

| HYBE Labels/YouTube
| HYBE Labels/YouTube

9. Jungkook’s CD

In “Heartbeat” MV, the promotional music video for BTS’s BTS World game, Jungkook is listening to a CD…

…with Suga’s name on it.

| BTS WORLD Official /YouTube

10. This choreography

In “Heartbeat” MV, BTS are practicing “No More Dream,” the debut song that introduced them to the world.

| BTS WORLD Official/YouTube

11. The “Make It Right” sign

A sign in the “Dynamite” MV includes a tiny reference to BTS’s song “Make It Right”.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube.com

It’s difficult to see at first, but it appears in the background while Suga is at the basketball court.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube.com

12. Jin’s body double

In “Film Out” MV, Jin’s face is never shown when he is in the same room as the rest of his members.

| HYBE Labels/Youtube

In this room, he is only shown from behind and, in one scene, he is played by a body double. Some fans were quick to notice the difference between the actor’s physique and Jin’s.

| HYBE Labels/Youtube