10 Things You Might Have Missed In EXO’s New “Obsession” MV

These tiny details are inspiring new theories.

The long-awaited battle between EXO and X-EXO is finally here! There’s so much to see in EXO‘s new “Obsession” MV that these details are easily missed the first time around!


1. The intro

If the intro for “Obsession” sounds familiar, it’s probably because you heard it in “Cloud 9” first.


2. Suho underwater

If you look very closely, you’ll see Suho floating above the ruins of a sunken city…


…just like he floats in this gallery.


Could the floating scene be referencing this one from “Electric Kiss” MV?


3. This neck snap

When EXO snap their own necks, the video cuts back to X-EXO. Some fans theorize that EXO died in the MV and X-EXO took over.


4. These battling vocals

Everything about “Obsession” is a fight. EXO and X-EXO even battle it out in the vocal arrangement!


5. The number of hands reaching for Suho

With the reflection, it’s hard to see how many hands are in this shot. Six hands would make the most sense, since six members star in this video. Nine would also make sense because that’s how many members EXO has in total. Why then does it look like there are only seven…?


6. Puppetmaster

At the beginning of the video, Suho raises us his members (and clone members) from the back of their formation like they are marionettes on his strings.


7. Mirrored Outfits

The colors here are perfectly mirrored!


8. Chen’s Chess Game

In a chess battle between black and red (Good Chen vs Evil Chen)…


…only the black knight is left standing on a chess table shaped like EXO’s logo.


What could it mean?


9. Sehun’s arrow

Plot twist. Sehun shot…himself!


10. X-Baekhyun’s scar

Some fans think that the evil Baekhyun uses a chain to hide the scar he got from a wound while dueling his better half.