4 Things Not To Do When Meeting Your Fave Idol—A Warning From Idols

“…don’t come up and grab me…”

Since K-Pop idols are normal people who are in the spotlight for their extraordinary talents, there are a few ways fans shouldn’t handle meeting their favorite idols in person. Through the Get Real podcast, three idols shared four things to keep in mind for that exciting moment to keep it from going downhill.


1. Don’t Shout

Since idols already receive a lot of attention, AleXa shared how much she appreciated it when fans kept it casual. She noted, “As long as they don’t yell at me, from across the way of where they are.

If fans became a little too hyper and caused a scene, AleXa joked that she would be “running out of the building.

When an over-the-top fan came to 2PM‘s fan signing, she talked so loud that Taecyeon didn’t know how to react and was so taken aback by her shouting that he was completely drained by the end.

2. No Touching

Although it’s common courtesy to keep your hands to yourself, idols aren’t always given that respect. AleXa admitted that she’d been a victim of such treatment, “Or as long as they don’t come up and grab me, I’m okay. ‘Cause I’ve had that happen.

As AleXa demonstrated the way she tries to get away from touchy fans, Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley Choi voiced the same stance. She offered the warning, “Don’t touch me.

Since former T-ARA member Jiyeon was on the receiving end of some hair-pulling by a fan at an airport, it’s understandable why everyone shouldn’t touch others without permission.

T-ARA’s Jiyeon getting her hair pulled by a fan at a Vietnam airport.

3. Don’t Be Rude

Sometimes, a fan might run into an idol when they’re having a business meeting or enjoying their free time. In those cases, Ashley Choi offered some advice. She politely said, “Maybe if I’m at a restaurant or a cafe with someone talking, maybe not bother me while I’m doing that, maybe when I’m leaving.

KARD‘s BM agreed. He pointed out that it was best to be respectful and “read the room a little bit,” even though he’ll always keep fans in mind whenever he’s finished his business.

On how to properly approach an idol, Ashley Choi shared a few tips and expressed how much she appreciated meeting her fans.

Gently come up behind me and be like, ‘Excuse me, are you Ashley? Can I get a picture with you?’

And I’ll be like, ‘Oh, gladly. Thank you.’

— Ashley Choi

When BTS‘s Jungkook spent an evening walking around Hongdae, he was happy to take photos with all the lucky fans who respectfully greeted him and asked for them.

BTS’s Jungkook with a fan during his Hongdae outing in 2016.

4. No Crowding

Despite how exciting it can be to meet your favorite idol, BM noted how overwhelming it could be when so many fans crowd around someone. He said, “I feel like it could be kinda scary if you have even thirty, forty fans around you yearning to see you.

BM thought of his own female members, Somin and Jiwoo, and how anxious they get when too many fans get too close. He shared how their facial expressions change, “But I look at our girl members’ faces. They’re like, ‘We need to go. Please, someone split the sea!’

They’re not the only ones who get overwhelmed. When UNIQ‘s Wang Yibo went to the airport and ran into a huge crowd of fans, he didn’t waste any time backing away from them and then running around them.

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