10+ Chaotic Things You Might Have Missed In BTS’s “Home” Performance

Day 2 of “BTS Week” was a mess in the best way.

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonBTS brought the chaotic fun of “FIRE” and “Spinebreaker” to “Home”. This house party performance has many funny moments that are easily missed the first time around.

1. V doing pilates

The camera nearly missed working out his abs by planking in this rotating bedroom set. He’s at the bottom of the shot, half in the frame.

2. Jimin battling his nemesis: chairs

Jimin has a long history of falling out of chairs, but thankfully, he kept his balance this time. (Who else screamed, “Save him!” during this part?)

3. The God of Destruction destroying the kitchen

In the middle of BTS’s cooking party, RM sprayed raw egg all over the place.

4. Jin forgetting how blenders work

Tech support: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

5. Jungkook losing his earpiece

Somewhere in the middle of his dancing, Jungkook’s earpiece flew out of his ear and held onto its cord for dear life.

6. More exercise

If V can do planks, pull ups are fair game for Jungkook, right?

7. RM missing Jimin and hitting the camera operator

Who was he really aiming for?

8. J-Hope just being himself

It’s J-Hope‘s world. The rest of us just live here.

9. Who moved the couch?

Jimin bested the kitchen chair, but he stumbled back and nearly missed the couch at the end of the performance.

10. RM not knowing what to do with this pillow

After RM picked it up, he couldn’t seem to decide what to do with it! So, he held onto it until the performance ended.

11. Suga defying gravity

I’m not saying Suga is Spiderman, but I am saying I’ve never seen them together…

Watch the video here: