If You Think BTS’s V Is A Good And Pure Boy, Here Are 7 Moments That Prove How Wrong You Are

V can be dangerous to your health: just hope he doesn’t do #7 to you when you meet him.

At first glance, BTS‘s may seem like a cute, good boy who’ll never do anything to make you shy, embarrassed or worried about your health.

He’s his grandmother’s boy, after all.

The more you get to know him, though, the more you realize how he’s becoming less and less of a good boy…

…and more and more of a naughty, sexy guy who’s not afraid to be dangerous once in a while.

Here are 7 moments that prove V is not your “boy-next-door” idol: he’s the boy your mother warned you about.

1. Can a nice, pure boy thrust his hips like these?

There’s no moment of hesitation in the way he does it — he just goes for it straight on.

ARMYs are having trouble breathing because of his attack but he just carries on like nothing happened.

2. Sure, a nice guy will smile at you like this…

But do you think he can follow it up with a sexy stare while putting his tongue out?

3. Admittedly, V is a cinnamon roll

And it’s not because he’s sweet and cute and too wholesome for this world, no.

It’s because he’s body-rolling like it’s nobody’s business — and he does this like there’s no tomorrow.

4. Changing the mic is one of the most mundane things an idol can do…right?

5. Literally touching himself on camera

V could have chosen a more innocent pose since he’s wearing pajamas, but he decided to push the boundaries and be a little naughtier instead.

Sure, the choreography included this move in the dance, but did he have to do his facial expression like this?

6. Can V stans even breathe?

You can breathe when he’s being smiley and cute, but don’t hold your breath because he may just do this when you least expect it.

7. Rumor has it that none of these ARMYs survived Taehyung’s attack

What did this ARMY do to you, V?

Why did you have to stare at them intensely — did they offend you in some way?

When will you stop attacking fans like this?

Have mercy (not!).