Here Are All The Thoughtful Gifts TWICE Received From Their Secret Friends

Many were handmade 💕

After weeks of treating fans to individual vlogs where they picked out gifts for their Secret Friends, TWICE finally gathered together to reveal the presents they prepared. As expected, all nine members received thoughtful gifts that suit their personal tastes.

From the first to the last member to be given a gift, check out what each of them received below!

1. Tzuyu

The first member to receive a gift was none other than maknae Tzuyu! Chaeyoung gave her a hat, her favorite scent, and a letter, which she had accidentally left at home. Adorably, Tzuyu giddily accepted the gifts.

2. Sana

Sana was the next member to receive a gift, and her Secret Friend, Dahyun, gave her homemade chocolate that she meticulously made herself.

Dahyun even generously gave chocolate to the rest of her members.

3. Chaeyoung

Next, Chaeyoung received Mina’s handmade knitted bag that was made with a lot of love! Inspired by Chaeyoung’s “Strawberry Princess” nickname, the bag was decorated with lovely pieces of mini strawberries.

4. Jeongyeon

Amazingly, Nayeon and Jeongyeon were each other’s secret friends. Jeongyeon received a pair of newly released glasses, which Nayeon chose after painstakingly looking online at pictures of Jeongyeon wearing glasses.

5. Nayeon

On the other hand, Jeongyeon gave Nayeon a snowman-shaped ice mold, similar to the popular duck-shaped mold that went viral recently. Nayeon clearly loved the gift, as evidenced by the huge smile on her face!

6. Mina

Knowing how fond Mina is of staying at home, Jihyo gave Mina the perfect present—a projector and screen. Watching movies at home will now be even more enjoyable for her.

7. Momo

The next member to receive a gift was Momo, and she was given a cute jacket and a t-shirt with fun prints on it by Sana.

8. Jihyo

Tzuyu gave Jihyo a polaroid to help her “make many memories.” Hilariously, earlier in the video, Jihyo had guessed the exact gift that Tzuyu picked!

9. Dahyun

Last but not the least, Dahyun’s gifts were the envy of everyone present. Momo gave her handmade chocolate, a t-shirt she drew herself, and a luxury CELINE bag.

By the end of it, Dahyun couldn’t stop gushing over the gifts, saying “This is seriously amazing.

Watch the fun video in all its entirety below!

Source: TWICE


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