These Are The Three 3rd Generation Boy Groups That People Think Have The Best Dancers

People believe they have the best dance skills.

Despite how many third generation K-Pop groups have debuted, these are three boy groups that people believe have the best dance skills.

1. BTS

BTS is known for their intense choreography and their ability to be totally in sync. They are known for giving their all when on stage, even when performing their older songs. Compared to other idols, many netizens have stated that BTS has the best choreographies, gestures, and facial expressions.


SEVENTEEN is known for their amazing synchronization as well as for their performance unit choreographing their own dances. The group is known for making use of their many (13!) members well, showing off amazing imagery with just their bodies.

3. NCT

NCT is known to have a lot of members – 21 in fact (including the WayV members). Despite the many members, many agree that there are no dance holes in the line-up. For netizens, NCT has become the standard of good dancers.