Here’s A Blast To The Past With 6 Hottest Female Idol Hairstyles That Trended Nationwide

Would you try any of these?

K-Pop idols are always trending new styles, which the fans love and try for themselves too. Fans dig not only their biases’ outfits, but also their hairstyles as well! Of all the funky fun hair dos that idols have boasted in the history of K-Pop though, these 6 hairstyles have definitely trended nationwide and had all the female fans rushing to the salon!


1. Red Velvet’s Two-Tone Colored Hair

Red Velvet, back in the early days when they were a four-membered group, trended this hipster two-tone colored hairstyling all over the country. Soon after their debut, plus with the rise of the balayage hair coloring technique, this gradient two-tone colored hairstyles were easily seen on the streets of Korea!


2. Sunmi’s Layered Haircut

Sunmi really rocked this heavily layered haircut! Women looking to freshen up their styles with something more graceful and mature went for this multi-layered look. Easy to style and simply beautiful, Sunmi’s layered hairstyle was a huge trend for Koreans nationwide.


3. Sulli’s Choppy Bangs

Sulli trended a wide range of unique and fun hairstyles since her f(x) days. But this “choppy bangs” look really became iconic with her. Consisting of short and almost unruly fringes to sit high above the eyebrows, the “choppy bangs” hairstyle had all Korean women chopping off their hairs for this dolled up look.


4. IU’s Baby Hair Look

IU‘s most signature up-do has to do with a full bun and a lot of baby hair around the face. Accentuating her beautiful facial shape and structure, IU and her “baby hair” look also trended wildly among Korean females. In fact, this hairstyle became so popular that those who didn’t have a lot of baby hair around the face either cut off their full length hair to create some, or even had full on hair-transplant procedures done to fill up their foreheads with more hair!


5. Seo Inyoung’s “Mushroom” Short Bob

Completely enchanting the Korean viewers with her frank and bubbly personality on We Got Married, Seo Inyoung became an iconic fashion leader during the early 2000s. And of all the things that she trended around the country, her “mushroom hair” – coined after the mushroom shaped chocolate snacks that resembled her hairstyle – was definitely the most popular. Korean women were often heard asking to get done “Seo Inyoung’s hair” at the salon – proving that she was a complete sensation at the time.


6. BoA’s Shaggy “Wolf Cut”

None other than BoA the OG K-Pop queen herself could have trended this shag haircut – called the “wolf cut”. This rock-chic, grungy hairstyle actually became popular for both men and women, as BoA continued to gain more attention in the early K-Pop scene. Stars like Suzy and G-Dragon also tried this funky hairstyle later down the line, both owning the look as their own!

Source: THEQOO