These Are Time Magazine’s Official 10 Best K-Pop Songs Of 2021 So Far

From seasoned veterans to monster rookies, this list has it all!

TIME Magazine has recently put out their 10 favorite K-Pop songs of the first half of 2021. Let’s see what they had to say!

Note: These are listed in alphabetical order and are not ranked.

1. “0X1=Lovesong (I Know I Love You)” by TXT ft. Seori

Out of several rock-heavy K-Pop songs over the years, TXT’s certainly stands out. Between the members’ rough voices and Seori’s voice rounding it out with a soft tone, TIME Magazine was in love!

2. “After School” by Weeekly

Although the girls haven’t released many songs yet, TIME can’t help but give them credit for becoming some of the new icons of cheerful pop. They describe “After School” as “an instant energy booster with an upbeat melody… [describing] the anticipation of waiting for the last school bell to ring and the boundless freedom that comes with it.

3. “ASAP” by STAYC

TIME Magazine admires the differences between their debut track and “ASAP,” noting that they enjoy the slower rhythm in this song. They share, “Combined with a catchy instrumental hook, the song has all the ingredients of a breezy and bouncy summer bop.

4. “Bambi” by EXO’s Baekhyun

While it does refer to the Disney deer, “Bambi” can also mean “night rain” in Korean. With this gorgeous title, Baekhyun brings us into a smooth, mature melody longing for someone dear.

5. “Beautiful Beautiful” by ONF

ONF wastes no time getting into their energetic song with lively beats and uplifting lyrics. It’s a perfectly rejuvenating track that gives you a chance to breathe towards the end.

6. “illa illa” by B.I

B.I’s song has vivid imagery and intense feelings that are perfectly conveyed. He effortlessly moves between singing and rapping. TIME compliments this song as it shows that he is just as much an amazing storyteller as a songwriter.

7. “LILAC” by IU

IU previously explained that lilacs mean “memories of youth” in the language of flowers. TIME admires her delicate singing and the beautiful meaning in her lyrics describing old memories.

8. “Love So Sweet” by Cherry Bullet

TIME loves how the girls were able to describe many different experiences there are when you are in love. The entire song is candy to your ears as the girls sing energetically with voices like honey.

9. “Next Level” by aespa

TIME Magazine admits that in the first bit, it can be confusing as many think it sounds like two separate songs in one. However, they explain that soon those thoughts fade as the addicting beat washes over you. They specifically comment, “‘Next Level,’ with its mid-track tempo changes, brings an unexpected but welcome variation.

10. “Rosario” by Epik High ft. CL and ZICO

“Rosario” is the perfect diss track, turning hate into fuel for their fiery passion. These seasoned artists truly brought 2021 a song of legends.

Source: TIME Magazine