5+ Times aespa’s Karina Looked Like An Anime Character Come To Life

#3 though 👀

Aespa‘s Karina is so beautiful, it isn’t a stretch to say she doesn’t even look human sometimes! With her flawless skin, big doe eyes, and luscious hair, some people even think she looks like an anime character.

On that note, here are 5+ times the “Spicy” singer bore a strong resemblance to girls from anime shows!

1. With Wavy Hair

When her hair is styled in waves, she looks absolutely captivating.

2. With Pink Hair

She recently rocked pink hair, and netizens were shocked by how stunning it was on her!

3. With Pigtails

Next, pigtails look adorable and pretty on her.

4. With Bangs

Whenever she has bangs framing her face, she has an air of mystery and allure.

5. With Blonde Hair

Karina dyed her hair blonde for a change not too long ago, and she looked like both an anime character and a Barbie doll!

6. With Smoky Eyes

Last but not the least, her smoky eye makeup here looks gorgeous on her. Whether she has black or blonde hair or natural or heavy makeup, everything suits the beautiful K-Pop idol!