BTS V’s vs Auto-Translators: 10+ Times They Made His Life Complicated

He’s living his weirdest life, thanks to Google and Weverse.

Auto-translation services for Twitter and Weverse are supposed to simplify life, but they just make BTS V‘s more complicated. Here are 10+ translations that did him dirty!

1. Welcome to BTS World. We eat babies here.

2. “Happy f**king birthday” —  Love, Suga

3. Excuse me, what? 

4. That time when Google made no effort to do its job

How hard is it to translate “thank you?”

5. I Green You?

6. Suddenly, I really need a nap

7. That time Google changed his stage name to “Tail”

8. Immortal kindness

9. Hop-hyung, Manny, and hot photos

10. Tell me more

11. V’s hidden talent

12. “Happy Birthday — Jean”