10 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Proved She Has Legs For Days…Or Maybe Even Years

Her legs never end!

BLACKPINK Lisa‘s legs are impossibly long!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Here are 10 times Lisa proved she’s got legs for years and years!

1. These studded pants show off her super long legs

Lisa looks like she’s all legs in this photo from the “LALISA” set!

2. Her legs simply don’t end

We could basically end the list here because this is all the proof you need that Lisa’s legs are long AF!

3. 100% legs, 100% iconic

Lisa’s long legs look great in these jeans!

4. She’s got supermodel proportions

With her long legs, Lisa would be a welcome addition to any runway!

5. She looks so great in boots

Lisa’s legs + boots= a winning combo!

6. Her proportions are out of this world

Seriously, these have got to be the longest legs in the world!

7. Just in case you need more proof of how great she looks in boots

Lisa’s legs are so iconic that they’ve taken the world by storm and inspired tons of hilarious memes!

8. Pretty in pink

Lisa’s long legs were the perfect finishing touch for this cute summer outfit!

9. Seriously, do her legs ever end?

The answer is no!

10. Super talented, super gorgeous, and super long legs—Lisa’s got it all

Lisa’s long legs and good looks make even the most casual of outfits look super glam!