5 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was Whipped For Her Ideal Type: Actor Gong Yoo

Lisa always turns into a full fangirl.

Over the years, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa hasn’t been shy about how much she adores actor Gong Yoo and named him as her ideal type. She even became a successful fangirl when Gong Yoo got flustered talking about the confession and admitting to sending her an autograph. Here are five times Lisa didn’t have eyes for anyone but Gong Yoo.

Gong Yoo

1. One picture is all it takes for Lisa’s dreams to come true.

When the cast of Knowing Bros asked Lisa for a wish regarding Gong Yoo, she didn’t hesitate to name the one thing she’s been wanting for a long time. Sporting an adorable expression, she cutely said, “My wish is to take a photo with Gong Yoo.

2. Watching his dramas not once but twice.

Lisa revealed that the main way she learned Korean was through watching Korean dramas. Although she watches many of them, she can’t resist watching the ones starring Gong Yoo for a second time, explaining that she was a big fan of the actor.

I watch a lot of K-Dramas. And I absolutely love ‘Goblin,’ so I rewatched it recently. I love Gong Yoo.

— Lisa

Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

3. The inspiration behind her pre-debut short hair.

Before Lisa became a trainee, she had such short hair that it didn’t reach her shoulders. During a Japanese interview, she revealed that it was inspired by a character from a K-Drama she watched.

| @yooniversalhobi/Twitter

Since Lisa is such a Gong Yoo fan, it’s said to be inspired by Yoon Eun Hye‘s hairstyle from Coffee Prince, which starred the actor in a leading role.

Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo in “Coffee Prince.” | MBC

4. Even the members know Gong Yoo is the apple of her eye.

Although Rosé was originally stumped when trying to guess what Lisa’s ideal type was, Lisa reminded her that she already knew the answer.

Even though Lisa was looking for specific traits of her ideal type as the answer, Rosé hit the nail right on the head when naming Gong Yoo. Lisa couldn’t help bursting into laughter from the accuracy.

5. No one can compete with the actor.

Seeing how big a fan Lisa is of Gong Yoo, a cast member of Knowing Bros asked her a question that would test her dedication—at least that’s what he thought.

He asked if Lisa would rather invite Gong Yoo to her home in Thailand or the seven cast members of the show. Lisa gasped and stated that it was a tough choice to make.

Lisa’s reaction was so quick and animated that everyone burst into laughter and imitated it. They could tell that Lisa already knew that the answer would be Gong Yoo.

She confirmed it when answering that her mom was also a fan of Gong Yoo and would love to meet him.


Lisa dressed up as the Squid Game doll for Halloween, making BLINKs joke she did it because Gong Yoo had a role in the hit Netflix show. Since Gong Yoo recently made viewers around the world his fan, who could blame Lisa for liking the actor so much?

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram
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