10+ Times That BTS Members (Other Than Suga) Predicted The Future

From hairstyle changes to award wins, they saw it all coming.

Suga has earned the nickname “Minstadamus” for his uncanny ability to make predictions, but he isn’t the only one with psychic powers! Here are 10+ times the other members predicted the future.

1. When RM predicted that he would lose his passport

2. That time Jimin’s Suga doodle came to life

3. When the V of 2015 knew all about the BTS of 2020

4. When J-Hope’s psychic powers told him who would be roommates

5. That time Jin read the staff’s mind

6. When Jimin predicted Suga’s win

7. When J-Hope foresaw V’s butt getting stuck

8. What Jungkook wants, Jungkook gets!

9. When V drew his future hairstyle

10. When Jungkook foresaw BTS’s win

11. When V knew how this game would end