10 Times BTS Learned The Meaning Of “Instant Karma”

They were paid back for their mischief tenfold.

BTS‘s members love to play around, and sometimes their mischief has immediate (and hilarious) consequences. Here are 10 times they experienced instant karma!

1. When V accidentally clotheslined Jin…

…and wiped out two seconds later

2. When Suga attacked ARMY with hip thrusts then lost his footing

3. When J-Hope smacked Jin in the face then lost his duck

4. When V shoved Suga…

…and got booted off the couch

5. When Jungkook tried to kick Jin but slipped instead

6. When Jin bullied Jungkook…

…and got bullied right back

7. (Jimin can relate!)

8. When Jimin and J-Hope exposed RM’s computer habits…

…so RM exposed everyone

9. When V made the biggest mistake of his life…

10. …twice!