8 Times BTS Exposed Their Fandom’s Secrets In Hilarious Ways

They know exactly what ARMY is up to.

BTS‘s fandom has created their own little world of memes and inside jokes…and BTS knows all about it.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

Here are 8 times BTS exposed ARMY’s “secrets”!

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

1. It’s all fun and games until RM logs on

When Netmarble‘s new BTS game dropped, players created fanfiction-meets-animation stories that were for ARMY’s eyes only…or so they thought.

On Weverse, RM posted a screenshot of fans’ “episodes”, aptly captioned: “??????”.

Neither Korean nor English fan-writers are safe from this multi-lingual king!

2. What kind of cake?

One time, J-Hope asked RM what kind of cake he wanted to eat, and Suga said, “Of course, it should be ‘repeating cheesecake’, right?”.

Suga was referencing a misheard lyric from his solo song, “Seesaw”. The real lyrics are “All right banbokdwen shisogeim”, meaning, “Alright, a repeating seesaw game”, but some English-speaking fans misheard lyrics as, “All right, she dropped the cheesecake”.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

3. That time Jimin exposed ARMY by exposing V

Good Boy has a bad boy habit of chewing invisible gum, and it drives fans wild.

They were happily enjoying this habit in secret…

…until Jimin suddenly called V out! (Is this what you call hitting two birds with one stone?)

4. Incoming iceberg!

Speaking of V, he knows all about shipping. When he asked fans if they had any ideas about how how he could fall asleep quickly, an ARMY wrote, “I do! Oppa can look at pictures of Jungkook oppa whom he loves.” 

Forget “fact bombs”. V sank the “TaeKook” ship with a fact iceberg!

5. The “Euphoria” fanchant

The concert DVD for BTS’s Love Yourself tour in Europe features a clip of Jungkook reacting to fan-made chant for “Euphoria”. After listening several times, he figured out what ARMY was saying, and he burst out laughing.

6. Send in the clowns…

Fans call themselves “clowns” when they fail to correctly guess what BTS is up to, but V himself (accidentally?) called them out with this Weverse post.

7. What ARMY wants

RM exposed the entire fandom’s love for this body wave in “I NEED U”.

What the people want, the people get!

| Big Hit Entertainment/Vlive

8. Suga said, no freebies for you!

At a fansign, fans asked Jin to sing “Awake”, but Suga wasn’t having it. He knew that ARMY would film it and upload the video to Twitter for views!