10 Times BTS’s Jimin Couldn’t Win Against His Biggest Enemy: Chairs

He even took Jungkook down with him 😂

BTS‘s Jimin has a humorous connection with chairs. No matter where he is or what he’s doing, he manages to fall off one so often that fans already expect it. Here are ten funny times Jimin just couldn’t win against those troublesome chairs.


1. Protecting the laptop at all costs.

Since Jimin wasn’t seated fully on a small stool, he swiftly lost his balance, taking the laptop with him and gripping RM‘s hand.

2. If a Jimin falls in the forest without anyone to hear him…

As the boys enjoyed some quality time in nature with a campfire, they were so focused on relaxing they hadn’t seen Jimin take a tumble behind them.

3. When you least expect it.

At one of the group’s fan signings, Jimin leaned so far back that he caught himself from almost falling out of his chair.

4. The laugh to fall for.

This time, Jimin leaned so far forward from laughing that he fell right onto the floor.

5. Not-so-smooth like “Butter”.

In the music video for “Butter (Hotter Remix)”, V was totally unaware of the funny moment happening behind him. Jimin’s playtime with a chair caused him to fall completely backward.

6. The kick-fall that’ll never be forgotten.

One of the most hilarious moments of Jimin’s battle against chairs was a leg move that kicked him right off his chair. It was so funny that J-Hope instantly cracked up.

Jimin was so embarrassed that he needed a moment to hide. J-Hope didn’t let the unforgettable moment slide, imitating it right behind him on his own chair.

7. RM saving the day.

Fans aren’t the only ones who find the group funny. Jimin laughed at them so hard that he fell out of his chair. Fortunately, RM was there to save the day by being Jimin’s support to lean on.

8. Two for the price of one.

Although Jimin is usually the only person who’s a victim of his chair struggles, Jungkook ended up joining the fun. When Jimin tumbled right out of his chair, Jungkook quickly came to help and fell right along with Jimin.

9. The unexpected that’s expected.

Jimin enjoyed his members’ answers during an interview so much that he laughed all the way out of his chair, flipping it over. When they asked what he was doing, Jimin played it off like it was totally planned. After all, fans already expected the funny moment from him.

10. When pretending takes a funny turn.

With a karate chop from J-Hope, Jimin pretended to fall back from the force until he was actually falling. Between his reflexes and J-Hope lending a hand, Jimin quickly regained his balance. RM even reached out to make sure he was steady.

Bonus: Fall and catch.