10 Times BTS Jimin’s Dance Moves Were Totally Mesmerizing

When Jimin dances, you can’t help but be enchanted by him!

BTS‘s Jimin is an incredible performer and dancer!

BTS’s Jimin | BTS/Weverse

Here are 10 times Jimin’s dance moves were incredibly hypnotic and mesmerizing!

1. His body rolls are always on point

Jimin always understands the assignment when it comes to body rolls! This “On” body roll has been living in our minds rent-free ever since he did it.

2. He’s beyond graceful

When Jimin dances, it’s like he’s fully embodying the music! His “Black Swan” solo proved just how graceful he is and how exceptional of an artist he is.

3. His hip work is on another level

Jimin’s overall body control is incredible, but his control of his hips is truly amazing! He totally owned this “Boyz with Fun” move!

4. He’s such an energetic performer

Jimin gives his all during every single performance! His energy was especially magnetic during the “Boy with Luv” era.

5. He’s great at freestyling

Jimin always nails the choreography, but some of his best performances are when he gets to move however he wants! His medley freestyles always excite fans.

6. His gaze is so powerful

Jimin makes his performances even more hypnotic by pairing his powerful gaze with his great moves! “Fake Love” is already highly emotional, but Jimin’s eye contact adds even more weight to the song’s lyrics and expressive choreography.

7. He’s so fun to watch

Jimin’s energy is magnetic and just seeing him happy makes ARMY happy! Encore performances of “Anpanman” will always hold a special place in fans’ hearts!

8. He hits every single beat

It’s like there’s a drum in Jimin’s body! This “Fake Love” performance proved that Jimin is the true definition of a dancer.

9. He’s a master of all styles of dance

Jimin is often praised for his great contemporary dancing skills, but he excels in all styles of dance, including popping, locking, and hip-hop! He was so young in this clip, but he already danced like a pro!

10. He knows when to prioritize technique and when to prioritize fun

While Jimin’s dance technique is truly next level, he knows when to focus less on technique and just let his body move! Sometimes, he adds his own personal twist to the choreography and focuses on audience interaction, which makes his performances more fun to watch. This “Permission to Dance” performance shows just how much fun Jimin has when he is on stage.