Just 20 Times BTS Jimin’s Heavenly Side Profile Looked Like It Was Sculpted By The Gods

From his nose bridge to his jawline, it’s all perfect.

No matter what angle you look at BTS‘s Jimin from, his face is undeniably spectacular—but there’s just something particularly special about his side profile. From his nose bridge to his jawline, it’s hard to believe his bone structure wasn’t sculpted by a god. Take a look at 20 times he had us all spellbound from the side.

1. Even his neck profile is impressive

2. In all-white he looks like a literal angel

3. It’s perfect whether he’s looking up or down

4. Pink hair only drew more attention to his side profile

5. His bone structure shines brighter than that jacket

6. It makes him look even more powerful

7. But it can also look soft

8. Does he have any idea how handsome he is?

9. Another angelic shot

10. His lips are perfectly formed too

11. When his hair’s pulled back, the view is even better

12. His jawline is as sharp as his suit

13. His glasses sit perfectly on that nose bridge

14. Don’t touch the artwork, Jimin!

15. No one should look that good covered in sweat

16. Imagine bumping into him at the airport

17. Photographers know how to capture his profile

18. His eyes could burn through your soul

19. He’s looking up to his hometown of Heaven

20. No words needed