10+ Times BTS’s Jungkook.exe Stopped Working

Warning: an error has occurred. Reboot?

Even the most highly advanced K-Pop stars glitch sometimes. Here are 10+ BTS‘s “Jungkook.exe” stopped working and became “Jungshook”!

1. When the staff gave BTS a pop quiz first thing in the morning

2. When Chef Jin gave him way too many instructions

3. That time he could not compute RM’s UN speech…

4. …and “Euphoria” caused this system glitch

The voice Jungkook heard was his own, but it took him a second to process it!

5. “There’s something wrong with my bunny.” Vet: “Have you tried rebooting it?”

6. “Something went wrong. Please try again.”

7. Install “Jungshook” in three simple steps. Step 1: Loading

8. Step 2: Lagging

9. Step 3: Freezing

10. When your browser crashes from having too many tabs open:

11. Would you like to upgrade to Jungkook 10?