10+ Times BTS’s Jungkook Was A Plushie’s Worst Nightmare

Keep your squishable friends far away from the Golden Maknae.

If there’s one thing you don’t want to be reborn as, it’s BTS Jungkook‘s plushie. Some idols snuggle their plushies and cradle them like babies, but Jungkook would rather push, pull, and pummel his stuffed friends. Here are 10+ times he was a plushie’s worst nightmare!

1. When he squished Cooky into a pancake…

2. …and skewered him on a pole

3. He also volleyed TATA…

4. …and kicked Koya into 2021

5. Jungkook said no nose for you, Mang…

6. …and no ears for you, Chimmy

7. Speaking of ears…why?

8. This bunbun only knows one BTS song: “Save Me”

9. Seriously, this is not how you smother somebody with love…

10. Be gentle!


11. Last but not least, a moment of silence for the snake who got caught in the crossfire of a Jimin-Jungkook war

12. BONUS: Here’s what he did to his BTS Mattel doll.


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