RM Isn’t The Only BTS Member Who Keeps Losing His Things

Here are 10 items that BTS’s other members lost.

From passports to AirPodsRM has a reputation for losing his possessions (whenever he’s not breaking them). Although he might have the most lost items to his name, he isn’t the only BTS member who misplaces his stuff. Here are 10 items that JinSugaJ-HopeJiminV, and Jungkook lost!

1. Jungkook left Jin’s present for him in Dubai

In 2016, Jin bought Jungkook a pretty light…

…that got left behind on his desk. It’s been four years, but we’re still wondering who found Jin’s gift after BTS went home!

2. Suga lost his “A” ring in Berlin

While on tour, Suga wore four rings on his right hand that spelled out his stage name. He began one concert in Germany as Suga but ended it as “Sug”.

At one point, Suga’s “A” ring flew off his hand and into the audience.

It was found by a fan (Twitter user Jimin_Fairy1412), but she didn’t realize she had it until after the concert ended. She had put it in her pocket after mistaking it for a bottlecap!

3. J-Hope lost his tickets during Bon Voyage

Luckily, a kind man flagged J-Hope down to return the tickets to him!

4. Jimin left his bag on a bus

In Season 1 of Bon Voyage,  BTS just couldn’t keep track of their things! J-Hope lost his tickets and Jimin accidentally lost his bag.

Thankfully, a staff member retrieved it!

5. V also “lost” his bag…

You guessed it! This also happened in Bon Voyage 1. Technically, V didn’t lose his bag; his members made him think that he did.

6. …and he lost himself in Sweden

V didn’t really lose his bag, but he did lose himself. He accidentally boarded the wrong bus and ended up frolicking in the Swedish countryside while his members tried to track him down.

7. Jungkook’s brand new shoes went missing on a boat

Seasons change, but Bon Voyage does not! In its third season, Jungkook lost his shoes the day after he bought them in New Zealand. His members teased him, wondering if the shoes fell overboard, but they eventually found them.

8. Jin’s sock went flying into the great unknown

Poor Jin. His water sock took off at the speed of light when BTS went tubing.

9. Suga lost his iPad but kept his cool

Most people would freak out about losing an expensive piece of technology, but not Suga. He remained calm and had faith that the iPad would return.

It turns out that Jungkook had it the whole time!

“Why are you tricking your own members?” Suga said to him. “You almost gave me a heart attack!”

10. J-Hope lost his camera