10+ Times BTS’s Members Magically Transformed Into Each Other

They switched faces on camera.

They say if you spend enough time with someone, you start to look like them. So, it’s no surprise that BTS‘s optical illusions keep making fans do double-takes! Here are 10+ times the members got caught shapeshifting on camera.

1. Jungkook becoming Jin becoming Jungkook becoming Jin again

2. That time Suga transformed into J-Hope

SOPE are two souls in one body.


3. He also turned into Jungkook

4. When chameleon V switched hair colors and identities at the same time

In this edited clip, V‘s red hair changes to blue when he brushes it back, but that’s not the only surprise. At the very end of the clip, he looks like Jin!



Still don’t see it? Try looking at it upside down!

Mind. Blown.

5. When Jin suddenly became BTS’s leader, RM

6. This photo of everyone channeling their inner Golden Maknae

7. What do you mean this isn’t V?

It’s Suga!

8. Suga shapeshifting into Jin in 3…2…1…

9. He has also passed for Jimin on stage…

10. …and at the airport

11. Who is Jin? Who is Jungkook?

12. Two Jungkooks again? Nope! One is Suga.

13. Jimin and V? Actually, it’s Jungkook and V!


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