8 Times BTS’s Members Became Each Other’s Unofficial Stylists

Fact: “BTS” also stands for “Born To Style”.

BTS have professional stylists to keep them looking their best, but sometimes the members become an unofficial part of the style team!


1. Chapstick duty

Why carry your own chapstick, when you can use your leader’s?


RM has chapstick at the ready whenever Jungkook needs it, and Jungkook always seems to need it!


2. Messy hair, don’t care

BTS love to mess up each other’s hair, but they go out of their way to fix it too.


3. Shirts were made to be ripped

Part of being a stylist is giving fans what they want…right? Who can forget that time RM “helped” Jungkook create a, quote, “legendary moment”, by ripping his shirt wide open.


Everybody say, “Thank you, Stylist RM!”

4. This accidental hand holding

When Jimin tried to adjust V‘s clothes, V thought he wanted to hold hands. With Jimin, that’s a mistake anybody could make!


5. Hat duty

Whether it’s helmets, graduation caps, or birthday hats these unofficial stylists are on it!


6. It’s all in the details

If Jungkook were on the style team, he’d probably be on jewelry duty. Jungkook’s attention to detail makes him a perfect candidate for the job!


7. “EYE NEED U” to help me…

Nothing says “trust” like letting your friend poke you in the eye. Jin helped Suga by putting his contacts in for him.


8. J-Hope: Stylist Extraordinaire

In an episode of Run BTS! J-Hope was assigned care duties. He went above and beyond to make sure his members had everything they needed, including moist lips.