9 Times BTS Mixed Up (Or Totally Forgot) Each Other’s Names

BTS knows BTS…most of the time.

BTS‘s members have been friends for years, but they still have their “who are you?” moments. Here are 9 times they mixed up or forgot each other’s names.

1. When J-Hope accidentally called Jimin “JK”

2. When RM said “J-Hope” instead of “Jimin” while doing a fan chant

3. When Jin had no idea who Jimin was

Jimin was ready to throw hands!

4. When Suga yelled for Taehyung (V) who was sitting right beside him. He meant “Jungkook”.

5. When Jin hadn’t seen Suga in so long that he forgot his stage name

6. That time RM forgot his own name

7. When Jin couldn’t remember his team’s name to save his life

8. When V suddenly joined Team J-Hope

9. When V and J-Hope became Jungkook and RM

Instead of shouting out their own names to claim a question, they accidentally shouted out their answers several times before realizing it.