3 Times BTS Played Their Own Versions Of The Games From “Squid Game”

These “Run BTS!” games are definitely less scary than the games in “Squid Game!”

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Although the games included in the hit K-Drama Squid Game may have been entirely new to some viewers, ARMYs have seen BTS play some of the games in their variety show Run BTS! 

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Squid Game is a thrilling K-Drama in which people who are in debt agree to participate in a mysterious competition in the hopes of winning a cash prize. The participants play children’s games, but there’s one catch: They die if they lose.

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Thankfully, the BTS members just play for fun and for prizes, but watching them compete against each other is just as thrilling at times as it is hilarious!

Here are 3 times the BTS members put their own hilarious spin on the games included in Squid Game.

1. The New Year’s edition of “Red Light, Green Light”

In episode 40 of Run BTS, the members welcomed in the New Year by playing “Red Light, Green Light.”


In this game, the tagger said “Happy New Year” instead of “Red Light,” and the players had to bow after every step. The members were competing for the chance to eat tteokguk (rice cake soup) as part of their celebration of the new year, so competition was fierce.

At the end of the episode, the winning team shared their tteokguk with the other members, so everyone was happy. BTS’s teamwork was the total opposite of the fierce competition in Squid Game where players tried to sabotage other players to ensure their own survival.

2. Dalgona making and breaking

In episode 95 of Run BTS!, the BTS members played lots of children’s games just like the Squid Game participants do throughout the series!

The episode started off with the members making dalgona, a honeycomb toffee snack.

After they made their own dalgona, the members cut shapes out of their homemade treats. In Squid Game, the participants also cut shapes out of dalgona. Unfortunately, the players played under a time restriction and they were killed if they broke their toffee or didn’t complete the game within the time limits.

3. Cushion edition of “Red Light, Green Light”

The members played “Red Light, Green Light” once again in episode 128 of Run BTS! This time they added a new twist to the classic children’s game by playing while seated on cushions.

This episode was filmed while Suga was recovering from his shoulder surgery, but the members made sure he was still included in the game. The players had to grab a photo of Suga from behind the tagger and successfully make it back to the start line before the tagger could catch them.

This version of “Red Light, Green Light” was definitely more chaotic than Squid Game‘s version!



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