8 Times BTS Pretended Not To Know Each Other In Public

Do you know BTS? BTS doesn’t.

BTS have been friends for more than seven years, but sometimes they like to deny this just for fun. Here are 8 times BTS pretended not to know each other in public!

1. When they greeted each other like total strangers at the Golden Disc Awards

At 2019 GDA, suggested that the members spread out.

Once they were in their new seats, Jimin bowed to V as if V were his industry senior, and V cooly greeted him in return. Jimin also bowed to other members, who more or less ignored him.

2. When Suga acted like he’d never seen these dancing fools before

Later that night, BTS danced to Stray Kids‘ cover of BIGBANG‘s song “Bang Bang Bang”.

In the midst of this chaos, Grandpa Suga stayed seated and stoic.

Who are these people?

He’s never seen them before in his life!

3. When Jungkook acted like J-Hope was invisible

Suga wasn’t the only one who wanted nothing to do with the BTS dance party! Hyped up J-Hope tried to get Jungkook to join in…

…but Jungkooked stared into the distance while trying to keep a straight face. (Security, where are you?)

4. When Jimin and Jungkook shook hands like they were meeting for the first time

When they were on stage for Good Morning America, Jimin and Jungkook shook hands like two stars who’d been invited to perform on the same show.

A few seconds later though, Jimin cutely hugged Jungkook from behind.

5. When Jimin danced on the streets of Los Angeles

In Episode 8 of American Hustle Life, rookie BTS handed out flyers to their free concert. To attract attention, Jimin danced to “Boy In Luv”, embarrassing V and Jungkook.

They hid their faces while holding out flyers. Who is Jimin? Who are we?

6. When Jin denied having any friends

When BTS played “The Noisey Questionnaire Of Life”, they were asked what they would rather go without for a day: phones, friends, or food. Jin picked friends because he doesn’t have any friends.

No friends? Excuse you!

V felt especially betrayed.

7. “Now I don’t know me, who are you?”

Jin has given these “Fake Love” lyrics a whole new meaning! He once pretended not to know himself when he failed at archery.

8. That time Jungkook just walked away

In an episode of Bon Voyage 2, Jin and Jimin randomly started dancing on the street and holding their hats out to passersby for money. Jungkook was so embarrassed that he walked away! He does not know these people.