10+ Times BTS Competed For RM’s “God Of Destruction” Title

These “Gods of Destruction” are on a rampage.

BTS‘s RM will always be the “God Of Destruction”, but he’s not the only member with clumsy moments. Here are 10+ times the members destroyed themselves, each other, and the world around them!


1. When Jimin’s bow almost annihilated J-Hope’s future children


2. When Suga broke this pepper shaker


3. When Jimin decapitated an ARMY Bomb


4. When Jungkook tore holes in his shirt


5. When Suga tattled on Jin for breaking this towel rack


6. When J-Hope won Jungkook’s award for “Best Nut Shot”


7. When J-Hope and Jimin dropped a whole cake on Suga’s bag


8. Speaking of cakes, Jin wrecked this one


9.  That time Jin hit a fan with Jimin’s photo


10. When V’s love tap missed its mark


11. V’s epic pottery fail