15 Times BTS Stressed Us Out With Their Unboxing Videos

They manhandle their merch every single time.

ARMYs unbox their merch with care, but BTS? They manhandle, throw, and crush their products! Here are 15 times the members stressed us out with their unboxing videos.

1. That time Jimin almost folded a poster

2. When RM struggled to free his Galaxy buds…

Please, don’t break them…or lose them. Sincerely, RM‘s AirPods.

3. …then panicked about dropping something

4. When J-Hope gnawed through Map of the Soul: Persona‘s protective plastic wrap…

5. …and yeeted V’s photo card across the room…

6. …and tore this Samsung Galaxy box…

7. …and aggressively pried its case off

Have mercy on the merch, please, J-Hope!

8. When Jungkook bent this photo card

9. When Suga turned a page in the Dark & Wild photobook like this…

10. …and tossed aside Jimin’s photo

11. When Jimin cracked this photobook’s spine

I felt it in my spine!

12. That time Suga flattened the Skool Luv Affair photobook…repeatedly

13. When they carelessly flipped through pages while getting their fingerprints on everything

14. That is not a ball!

15. BONUS: When Suga used albums to prop up his painting…then stepped on his painting