15+ Times BTS’s Suga Was The Reigning King Of Reactions

These are some of his funniest reactions to date.

From being done with everyone and everything, to being relatable AF, BTS‘s Suga is a walking meme. Here are 15+ of his best reactions!

1. When he had a front row seat to J-Hope being “Jay”

2.  When he didn’t share Jin’s enthusiasm for Run BTS!

3. When he did absolutely nothing about RM spraying him with water

4. When a fan complimented his mole, and he became the softest kitten ever

5. When he busted an UwU over V’s interview answer

V said he wanted to be a farmer. What kind of farmer? “Strawberry,” he said. “My favorite fruit.” 

6. His “did he just – ?” reaction to J-Hope taking off his coat

7. When Jin’s “Seesaw” cover made him malfunction

8. This delayed reaction to Jin’s aegyo (feat. V dying in the back)

9. When he shot ARMY straight through the heart

10. When RM’s genius caught him off guard

Suga was not expecting him to know the capital of Nepal!

11. That time he didn’t want to link arms…

12. …or dance with V

13. That time he forgot his lyrics and just nodded along

14. When Jimin’s cute English and misdirected finger heart brought out this gummy smile

15. The time he realized he was on camera

16. Every single one of these photos