10+ Times BTS’s Suga Was The Most Patient Person On The Planet

He’s unbothered by BTS.

Over the years, Suga has acquired patience levels that most of us can only dream of. Here are 10+ (of the many, many) times he stayed unbothered by BTS.


1. When he surrendered to V’s water attack


2. When he let everybody pet, pat, and bat around his RJ hat


3. When he didn’t even try to dodge V’s ball


4. When he let Jungkook slap him silly


5. When J-Hope and Jimin dropped a whole cake on his bag


6. When Jungkook stuck his fingers in his nose

7. When Jimin and V got away with pouring salt in his drink

8. When J-Hope wiped spit on his cheek


9. When RM sprayed water in his face


10. When he became J-Hope’s dance partner at ISAC


11. When they just wouldn’t stop touching him