10+ Times BTS’s Suga Was So Done With Everyone And Everything

From people to pools, he was over it all.

Have you ever had one of those days when you’re just so done with it all? BTS‘s Suga has. He’s had lots of them. Check out 10+ of his “so done” moments!

1. When he wasn’t feeling this face mask at all

2. When he wanted to leave, but Jin and V weren’t done playing

3. When he gave up on buttoning his sleeve

4. That time a whole cake fell on his bag

5. When he wanted to end this game as quickly as possible

6. When V insisted on linking arms…

7. …and giving him a back hug

8. When he told J-Hope to “focus” with his whole hand

9. The kitty would like to get out of the pool…now

10. When BTS was asked the same interview question one too many times

When asked what other artists BTS is listening to, Suga said, “Suga’s Interlude”.

11. V: Let’s dance. Suga: All aboard to the Nope Train to F**kThatVille.

12. When Suga and Jungkook both pretended not to know these party animals