10 Times BTS Treated Their Backup Dancers Like Family

They love their dance team, and it shows.

BTS cherishes their dedicated dance team, and they never miss an opportunity to show it. Here are just 10 of the many times the members treated their backup dancers like family.

1. When Jimin was worried about these dancers slipping on stage

2. When Jungkook and this dancer busted goofy moves together

3. When V hugged as many dancers as his arms could hold…

4. …and cheered them on

5. That time Jin made these dancers “faint” with a flying kiss

6. When Jimin koala-hugged this extremely lucky man

7. When V bowed and praised the dance team after rehearsal

8. Every time Jimin showed them how much he appreciates them…

9. …and the end of BTS’s concerts

10. Every single one of these hugs