Here’s 10+ Times BTS’s V And Megan Thee Stallion Totally Were Twinning

We stan these 95 liners!👅👅

BTS‘s V and Megan Thee Stallion have more in common than you think besides just collaborating on the “Butter” remix together.

Since the announcement of BTS and American musician Megan Thee Stallion’s upcoming “Butter” remix, fans have been excited not just about the release but about the potential interactions between this new friendship.

Fan-made poster for BTS and Megan Thee Stallion’s “Butter” remix | @wisesuga/Twitter

They’ve already become mutuals online, so they are officially at least online besties.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter via @dalbitbangtan/Twitter
| @theestallion/Twitter via @dalbitbangtan/Twitter

And, based on recent posts by Megan, we can’t help but wonder if they’ve been hanging out lately.

While we don’t have any official interactions between the two yet, fans have noticed similarities between a couple of the members, in particular, Jimin and V, and Megan, referring to them as the “95 line” since they’re all born in 1995.

Some ARMYs, such as Maddie (@jkthive on Twitter), even found specific moments in which V and Megan were totally twinning! So, here are 10+ times Megan Thee Stallion and V twinned…

1. They literally have the same adorable boxy smiles

Megan Thee Stallion (left) and BTS’s V (right) | @jkthive/Twitter
| @jkthive/Twitter

2. Orange is the new black

| @jkthive/Twitter

3. Pink is definitely their color…

| @jkthive/Twitter

4. But then again, so is blue

| @jkthive/Twitter

5. Very few can pull off fur coats, but these two sure can

| @jkthive/Twitter

6. Literally twins right here

| @jkthive/Twitter

7. Yeehaw agenda thriving with these two

| @jkthive/Twitter

8. They’re no posers either because while they can rock the aesthetic, they can also, for real, ride a horse

| @jkthive/Twitter

9. They look great in makeup…

| @jkthive/Twitter

10. Still, they’re natural beauties too

| @jkthive/Twitter

11. They mean business

| @jkthive/Twitter

12. They’ve both low-key cosplayed as My Hero Academia‘s Todoroki

| @jkthive/Twitter

13. They have both done photoshoots with their pets!

| @jkthive/Twitter
| Jora Frantzis & Naver x Dispatch

14. They thicc

| @jkthive/Twitter

15. They’re sassy AF

| @jkthive/Twitter

16. We love redheads

| @theestallion/Instagram & LUVIN_TATAE

17. They love fries (like the rest of us)

| @theestallion/Instagram & @BTS_twt/Twitter

18. They also enjoy a nice glass of wine sometimes

| @theestallion/Twitter & BTS/VLIVE

19. AH 👅

| @jkthive/Twitter
| @DTonyee/Twitter
Source: @jkthive