10 Times You Didn’t Catch BTS’s Jin Slipping

Cameras can’t capture Jin looking anything but handsome.

BTS‘s Jin isn’t just handsome; he’s Worldwide Handsome 24/7. Looks are his lifestyle, his superpower, and like ARMY says, you’ll never catch him slipping. Here are 10 times when Jin’s dashingness defied the laws of physics and taunted technology.

1. You can’t spell “Jingle Bell Ball” without “Jin”

The chorus for BTS’s “Boy With Luv” choreography includes a kick, and it’s not easy to control your facial expression while doing it. Let’s take a closer look.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Facebook.com

Here’s what RM, Jungkook


JiminJ-Hope, and Suga look like while leaping into the air.

Then, there’s Jin. He makes it look effortless!

2. The ultimate “paused at the wrong moment” moment

If you think the Jingle Bell Ball photo is hilarious, check out this one from BTS’s Good Morning America performance.

The camera did everybody dirty…

…like, really dirty…

…except for Jin. He will seduce you at all times, and there’s nothing you (or the camera) can do about it.

3. Jin and his blurry backup dancers (Part 1)

When a fan hit pause on BTS’s “Rainism” performance (probably hoping to capture a funny moment) Screencap Jin said, “I think the fluff not.”

| MBC/Youtube.com

4. Jin and his blurry backup dancers (Part 2)

Once again, Jin’s poise and charm shine through this paused moment. His hidden talent is almost spooky!

| BangtanTV/Youtube.com

5. When he wasn’t caught slipping…while slipping

Jin tripped on the MMA red carpet in 2019, but he looks like he’s doing ballet in this photo. His expression is startled, but even a slip up can’t slip him up!

6. This ain’t about you.

When fans saw this screencap of Jin with Jimin for “Black Swan”, they were ready to throw hands. How does Jin look so handsome while blurred? It just isn’t fair.

| BangtanTV/Youtube.com

7. I woke up like this

Back in BTS’s rookie days, the staff filmed BTS getting ready in the morning. Can somebody please tell Jin that this is a dorm, not a runway? (I don’t think he knows.)

8. When he got the last laugh

Jungkook tried to block Jin’s face, but a photo of Jin foiled his plans!

9. Even the wind can’t blow his handsomeness away

A fan captured these hilarious photos of Jin’s banner refusing to bow to nature outside of BTS’s concert venue.

| @fleuradise/Twitter.com
| @fleuradise/Twitter.com

10. Even in cartoon form, you won’t catch him slipping

Whoever animated TinyTAN captured Jin perfectly!