10+ Times BTS’s Jimin Looked So Angelic In All-White, You’ll Wonder If He Really Fell From Heaven

He just looks too good to be a real human.

We all know BTS’s Jimin acts like an angel, but when he wears all-white, he looks just like one too. These 10+ times he wore white from head to toe will have you seriously wondering whether he fell from heaven.


BTS donned all-white outfits for one of the Map of the Soul: 7 teaser photosets. The falling feathers here look like they came from Jimin’s angel wings.


In a shoot for PUMA, Jimin wore this white sweater and white ripped jeans combo with white PUMA B.O.G Sock sneakers to match.


One of Jimin’s standout outfits from the Speak Yourself tour was this white shirt over a white tee complete with white pants.


In these pics from the Love Yourself: Tear album photoshoot sketch, Jimin looked positively idyllic in a crinkled white shirt and white pants.


One of Jimin’s most aesthetically pleasing looks was his all-white fit at the 2019 SBS Concert in Gwangju—white jacket, white t-shirt, and white pants, which made his pink hair and lips stand out all the more.


What’s better than Jimin in all-white? Jimin in all-white with a matching choker, of course.


At the Seo Taiji 25th Anniversary Concert in 2017, Jimin’s white suit was as angelic as it gets.


“Boy With Luv” is often remembered for its pink outfits, but you can’t forget how great Jimin looked in this all-white style.


This was another unforgettable all-white Speak Yourself look. The ruffles on Jimin’s shirt only add to the angel vibes.


Jimin wore all-white for his solo dance performance to “I Need U” at the 2019 MelOn Music Awards and his movements literally looked like an angel taking flight.


At the 2018 Golden Disc Awards, the fluffy white sweat Jimin wore with his white shirt and pants looked just as fluffy as angel wing feathers.