10 Times BTS’s Suga Was Done With Living In An “Unfair Society”

Whenever life betrays him, he complains about it. Loudly.

Everybody knows life isn’t fair, but that doesn’t mean Suga‘s going to stay quiet about it. Here are 10 of the many times he complained about living in an “unfair society”.


1. When he called out all of BTS’s cheaters (except himself)


2. When he felt betrayed by everyone and everything


3. When he felt personally victimized by capitalism…


4. …and water


5. When he got fed up with J-Hope’s favoritism


6. That time he chose to kill or be killed…


7. …and that time he didn’t


8. When Jimin’s fake keyboard got permanent marker all over his nails


9. When the costume designer didn’t know his name


10. When Bang Si Hyuk tricked him into joining BTS