15 Times Google Gave The Most Ridiculously Inaccurate Information On K-Pop Groups

Are you okay Google?

Google is an absolute treasure trove of knowledge. You can search for pretty much anything and find what you were looking for, but sometimes things don’t go quite how you would like them to! And sometimes Google gives you results that are so ridiculously bad that you can’t help but laugh!


1. AOA’s band beginnings

Bet you didn’t know that AOA was really a band! But according to the search engine Mina, Yuna, Jimin, and former member Choa were rocking out on instruments! At least former member Yookyung used to actually play the drums!

According to the search Mina plays the bass, Jimin plays the guitar, Yuna’s on the keyboard, and Choa used to play the guitar too!


2. MOMOLAND Nancy’s age disaster

Nancy may be the maknae of her group but according to the website, she’s the oldest of her group… by a lot!


3. BTS’s ice skating fiasco

BTS have been skating before…


Just not like this!


4. MOMOLAND Nancy’s new last name

Not only is Nancy 53-years-old according to the site, she’s also got a completely different last name!

Nancy Himma-Mantsik. Huh…


5. B.A.P’s Zelo who?

Just a cute picture of Zelo with curly pink hair!


It’s got to be him except Google’s telling me it’s J-Hope!


6. We didn’t know SEVENTEEN’s Vernon had facial hair…

Vernon with facial hair?!?


Or not!


7. This problem with BIGBANG’s Taeyang

When you’re searching for pictures of Taeyang


And you get this for the keywords!


8. BLACKPINK Jisoo’s age snafu

Looks like MOMOLAND Nancy’s not the only one with a completely different age. Bet you didn’t know that Jisoo was 46-years-old!


9. Park Bo Gum’s mixup

Although we can’t blame them, the site thinks this lookalike is Park Bo Gum.


But when searching for the real deal you get this.


10. Lee Dong Wook’s mysterious younger self

But it could be worse. You might find yourself traveling back in time and turning into a completely different person at the same time like Lee Dong Wook!


11. Interesting choice of words for Red Velvet’s Irene

When Google decides to add a little bit of 18+ content to your search.


Even when you’re completely innocent!


12. GOT7’s seriously hidden identities

GOT7 avengers assemble!


Or MONSTA X…you know, whatever!


But if we really do want the GOT7 avengers what do we have to look up? We’re not so sure the search engine’s got it right!


13. TVXQ Changmin’s now a meme

Well, we certainly can’t blame the search engine for freaking out over this picture of Changmin.


We’re just not convinced this is really a meme.


14. f(x) Amber’s a completely different person

When you look for pictures of Amber


Then reverse image search and get this.


And you realize Google thinks Amber is a Thai YouTuber!


15. EXO Suho’s alter ego

Just when you start to expect the website to mistake Suho for a girl…


It mistakes him for a different EXO member!