12 Times GOT7 Annoyed The Sh*t Out Of Jinyoung

No one drives him crazier than his members do.

Like brothers, the GOT7 members love to tease each other but, like true siblings know, there’s nothing more delightful than annoying a brother or sister who is easily annoyed. When something bothers Jinyoung, he can’t hide what he’s feeling, and he never fails to give a great reaction.


1. Every time someone burps

Jinyoung doesn’t like it when his members burp near him. Actually, it’s right at the top of his pet peeve list! Usually, the members aren’t burping for the sake of getting on Jinyoung’s nerves, but it annoys him nonetheless.

Youngjae tried to cover up this burp as a sneeze, but Jinyoung wasn’t fooled!


2. When Jackson sniffed his ear

If the camera’s mic could pick up the sound of that sniff, it must have sounded pretty loud to Jinyoung!


3. When BamBam called Jinyoung by his old stage name, “Junior”…

…it didn’t go over too well.


4. When Yugyeom lovingly stared at him during a fansign

If there’s one member who has mastered the art of pestering Jinyoung, it’s Yugyeom. He is able to set Jinyoung off with a single look!


5. When Mark poked him during a fan meeting

In this moment, Jinyoung seems to have forgotten that Mark is actually the group’s oldest member. He pays Mark back for his poke, with interest, just like an older brother would do to his younger one. But, don’t worry, it’s all done out of love!


6. When they ganged up on him

While waiting around, some of the members decided to have a little fun…by risking their lives.

Never provoke this savage king, unless you’ve got a death wish!


7. When Yugyeom invaded his personal space

This playful maknae got right up in Jinyoung’s personal bubble, which is something Jinyoung will only tolerate for a few seconds tops!


8. When BamBam and Yugyeom “sang” a backstage duet

Jinyoung was far from amused when these two members decided to dramatically lip sync behind the scenes. Just look at that eye roll!


9. When he said “pipe down” without saying a word


10. When BamBam accidentally spat on him

He couldn’t just pretend it didn’t happen.


11. When Jackson showed off his manly thighs

Have you ever had one of those moments when you wonder how life brought you to this point? For Jinyoung, this may have been one of those moments.


12. When these “puppy” eyes had zero effect on him

Jinyoung just isn’t a dog person, it seems!