20 Times Idols Suffered Rejection From Everyone And Everything

They just wanted some love.

It’s hard to imagine that anyone could reject an idol but unfortunately for some, they’ve been caught with their hands, hugs, and love hanging. From K-Pop idols to a few actors, here are a few times that idols suffered rejection at the hands of everyone and everything.


1. That time  when BTOB’s Changsub went in for a handshake and got a hand full of nothing


2. When BTS’s Jimin just wanted a high five and was ignored


3. The time MONSTA X’s Hyungwon was left hanging


4. And the time former Girls’ Generation member Jessica faced the ultimate backtrack


5. When BIGBANG’s G-Dragon tried to be friendly and was totally blown off


6. That other time BTOB’s Changsub was left staring at his own palm


7. That one time Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon wanted to be a part of an epic high five…only to have it fall a bit flat


8. When EXO’s Xiumin just wasn’t sure what to do with his hand after rejection


9. That time BTS’s RM had to give himself a little love because Jimin didn’t


10. When MONSTA X’s I.M tried for a couple high fives

Well…at least he got one right?


11. That time even Lee Jong Suk wasn’t immune to getting ignored


12. Or this epic save by Kim Soo Hyun


13. That time former B1A4 member Jinyoung attempted a fist bump


14. And when BTS’s Jin tried out RM’s answer to a failed high five


15. That time GOT7’s JB didn’t get the love from a little girl


16. And the time Super Junior’s Eunhyuk didn’t get his D&E love returned


17. That time Park Bo Gum pulled it in quick


18. And when Jay Park wasn’t expecting what he got


19. Then there was the time ASTRO’s Sanha decided to end it with heart


20. And of course, when BTS’s RM was totally ignored live on air

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