11 Times Idols Were Openly Against Or Unhappy With Their Concepts

Their stories range from funny to sinister.

Idols aren’t always completely happy with the styling, sound and concepts they’re given. These are some instances of idols being openly critical about what their agencies were giving them.


STELLAR have always been openly critical of the sexy concepts that their agency was forcing on them. According to Gayoung, The Entertainment Pascal tricked the girls into wearing dresses with thigh slits and thong underwear for the “Vibrato” photoshoot.

2. Sunmi

When Sunmi was a member of Wonder Girls, she told JYP that she hated the choreography and styling for “Tell Me”. The rest of Wonder Girls were in agreement about the choreography.

3. Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon was vocally critical of the “cute” concept that Girl’s Generation had at their debut. She was heavily inspired by hip-hop dance and considered quitting as a result of the group’s concept.

4. Tiffany

Tiffany is famous for her love of the colour pink but even she was not a fan of these garish outfits the girls were forced to wear during their “Girls and Peace” tour. Almost all of Girl’s Generation have bashed these outfits.

5. Seohyun

Seohyun was very critical of the lines she was given for the song “Oh!”. She said in an interview:

The part where the lyrics go “Oppa, I love you” was really difficult for me to record. No matter how much I practiced, when it came time to say it I couldn’t do it. The lyrics were just so embarassing I couldn’t do it at all.

– Seohyun

6. Irene

Irene felt the choreography and concept for “Rookie” was immature and childish, she is known to prefer Red Velvet’s more elegant songs.

7. Sorn

Sorn hated the cute concepts that CLC were being given and ended up giving a powerpoint presentation to Cube about a “cooler” concept which eventually became their song “Hobgoblin”.

8. Jackson

Jackson constantly shaded GOT7’s comeback “Stop Stop It” because of the hairstyle he was given. Apparently, JYP picked their hair and it was not what the group was expecting.

9. Bambam

Similarly to Jackson, Bambam hated his hair during their “Stop Stop It” promotions.

10. T-ara

T-ara hated their outfits for their “Bo Peep Bo Peep” promotions. This was the song where they had to dance wearing cat gloves.

11. Jisoo

Jisoo does not like the part of “BOOMBAYAH” where they shout “Oppa!”. The song was originally going to be called “Oppaya” but BLACKPINK convinced YG to change it.

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