15 Times Idols Paid Tribute To Fanmade Memes Of Themselves

Even they think they’re meme-tastic!

When K-Pop meets memes you know that you’re in for a treat! But what’s sweeter than finding the perfect meme featuring your idol to troll your friends with? When the idols themselves acknowledge and use the memes themselves! While it doesn’t happen all the time, there have been a few cases where idols have seen memes of themselves and acknowledged just how great they truly are!


1. When CL landed in Korea like…

On the way to BIGBANG Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin‘s wedding, cameras caught this not so graceful moment. The picture soon swept through the internet and was the subject of many a meme. Luckily, CL decided to roll with things and posted this on her Instagram!


2. When this meme became Wanna One’s Yoon Jisung Instagram profile pic

That’s right! When Yoon Jisung had an Instagram during Produce 101 he decided this would be the perfect profile pic. We can’t help but agree!


3. That time SHINee “dibidibidis”-ed their way through SNL

Turns out SHINee really know their own memes! The entire SNL skit was full of meme references including the incredibly iconic “dibidibidis” mention!


4. When 2PM’s Nichkhun got a little sassy on Twitter

We don’t know what’s better. The fact that Nichkhun knew about this meme or that he tagged Taecyeon!


5. When BIGBANG acknowledged Seungri’s horsey desires

Remember that interview with BIGBANG where Seungri said he wanted to be a horse? Well, one fan took the idea and ran with it, eventually creating this meme.


But perhaps the best thing ever is the fact that Taeyang saw the meme, asked for permission to use it, and then proceeded to use it at one of their concerts!


6. That time NCT thought this meme was pure swag

This picture was sent to sent to NCT‘s official Twitter account…


And received a vote of swagging approval from the boys!


7. When CL floated back to Seoul with her meme

CL once wore a dress with some pretty poofy sleeves and one fan turned it into this masterpiece. CL later shared this edit on Twitter proving she truly is the meme queen!


8. That time PRISTIN’s Yehana totally understood who “Yehaha” was

During PRISTIN‘s “We Like” image teasers there was one noticeable mistake on Yehana‘s photo.


Even after being taken down, fans were having a field day with the memes and eventually, even Yehana acknowledged the reference!


9. That time M.O.N.T spread the meme love

If you’ve spent any time on M.O.N.T‘s official Twitter account you know these boys can be pretty meme-worthy but one of their best moments was when they posted this picture of Narachan


And then they posted this edit…


And this one!


10. That time BIGBANG’s Seungri owned up to his meme…twice!

Seungri was caught with his mouth open and fans quickly spread the picture. When he saw all the memes going around Seungri responded with this tweet jokingly threatening to quit Twitter.


Not one to let this meme die, Seungri also incorporated the iconic picture into his song “Where R U From”.


11. When BTOB’s Peniel had a meme hiding in plain sight

In a teaser image for Brother Act, fans noticed something interesting on the back of Peniel‘s jacket.


When they zoomed in they noticed he literally had a jacket featuring a Eunkwang meme!


12. When BTS ran with the “grubby Jungkook” meme

During BTS Bon Voyage, Jungkook wore a hat that didn’t quite cover his face and ended up with a bit of an awkward tan. This tan made his mouth look dirty which prompted the “grubby Jungkook” meme. As it turns out, BTS were huge fans of the meme and even have shirts with the picture printed on them.


13. That time EXO let “KoKoBop” be the meme it was always meant to be

EXO‘s “KoKoBop” was an absolute hit and inspired many fans to replicate the dance moves when the songs beat suddenly dropped. This came to be known as the “KoKoBop Challenge” and eventually made its way full circle to EXO. When they decided to take on the challenge themselves, they made it as meme-worthy as absolutely possible…for the fans of course!


14. That time Girls’ Generation’s Yuri became Dora the Explorer

One time Yuri had her hair styled in a short bob. Fans got ahold of the pictures and turned her into dorYUL. Besides the awesomeness that is this meme, Yuri actually agreed to the Dora comparison!


15. When Chloris’ Dina became one with the T-Rex

Nobody is quite sure where exactly Dina got this photo from but she posted it to the group’s Instagram!


Bonus: When Starbucks acknowledged MONSTA X Hyungwon’s meme and then Hyungwon tweeted right back at them

It seems like everyone knows this meme of Hyungwon


Even Starbucks! The company sent this tweet in reply to another Twitter user.


And then Hyungwon responded to their response, completing the circle of awesome!