4 Times ITZY Couldn’t Win The Battle Against Confetti

Yuna couldn’t escape the long piece of confetti.

ITZY doesn’t even have to try to create funny moments, especially when confetti is involved. Here are four times the members had the funniest battles with confetti.

Lia | ITZY/YouTube

1. Lia

The moment that’ll always make the list is Lia cracking a smile while a piece of confetti landed right on her front teeth, making it appear as if they were missing.

Although Lia blew on it hard enough for the stuck confetti to fall away, it was still captured on camera. It became such a funny moment for viewers and the group that all the ITZY members had the photo as their phone backgrounds.

2. Yeji

Yeji faced a similar situation during the ending pose for one of their performances. A piece of confetti landed right on the edge of her mouth. Yeji maintained a charismatic pose as she tried her best to blow away the confetti.

In the end, Yeji couldn’t manage to shake it off and kept it in her mouth until the very end.

When Yeji finally pulled the confetti off, she laughed at how tough it had been but made sure to thank the staff for their hard work.

3. Yuna

Yuna’s moment was the most chaotic of them all. After taking the win for “In the morning”, also known as “Mafia in the morning”, Yuna quickly accepted the trophy from one of the hosts. While Chaeryeong covered her ears so the blast of the confetti wouldn’t scare her, a long piece stuck right onto Yuna’s forehead.

Like a total professional, Yuna didn’t let it phase her. She quickly pulled the string of confetti off, moving to accept another item from the host to pass to her members.

4. Chaeryeong

Keeping the theme of ending poses going, Chaeryeong struck a charismatic pose until she felt a piece of confetti land on her head. She cutely tried to blow upward in the hopes that it would fly off.

Instead, the tiny but strong piece of confetti held its ground and stayed in place. Like Yeji, Chaeryeong couldn’t help but laugh at her unsuccessful attempts.

It looks like Ryujin is the only one the confetti isn’t ready to have a fun battle with.

Ryujin picking confetti off of the camera.