7 Times IU And SHINee Were Actual BFF Goals

We love their friendship!

IU and SHINee are seriously best friend goals!

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

The superstar soloist and superstar group have shown their support for each other on multiple occasions, and we love seeing interactions between them. Here are 7 times IU and SHINee were BFF goals!

1. When SHINee gifted IU a signed Everybody album, and she held it during an encore

Friends promote their friends’ work! During an episode of M Countdown, Jonghyun appeared behind IU with a signed copy of Everybody.

| KpopHD/YouTube

He gave the album to IU, and she held it during her encore performance of “The Red Shoes” after winning the music show!

2. When IU appeared on SHINee’s Hello Baby

IU made a surprise appearance on SHINee’s season of Hello Baby!  They were promoting at the same time, and they hung out backstage at a music show.

| Carlina/YouTube

IU even got to meet Yoo Geun, the child SHINee took care of during Hello Baby!

3. IU and Taemin’s beautiful duet

IU and Taemin sang together a few years ago, and we have yet to recover from their beautiful duet!

| TV-People/YouTube

They sang Girls’ Generation‘s “Gee” and SHINee’s “Juliette” and “Hello.” Their voices sounded amazing together, and we’d love to hear more collabs from these friends!

4. When Jonghyun gave IU the masterpiece that is “Gloomy Clock”

Jonghyun originally wrote “Gloomy Clock” for himself, but he gave it to IU because she wanted the song so badly!

| PP2pinkyTOP89/YouTube

On an episode of Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, Jonghyun revealed that he had emailed the “Gloomy Clock” demo to IU to ask for her opinion of the song’s arrangement. She ended up liking it so much that she asked him to give it to her. While he had originally planned to release the song himself, he ended up as a featured artist on IU’s recording of the song. The fact that Jonghyun sent the song to IU for her opinion shows just how close they are!

5. When IU and Minho were a super iconic MC duo

IU and Minho were Music Bank MCs together back in the day!

| ggjajaa85/YouTube

From their interactions, it was clear they got along really well. When MCs are friends, it makes the show so much more fun to watch!

6. IU and Key’s special duet stage

Back in 2010, IU and Key did a special collaboration stage!

| prettycureheart/YouTube

They sang MC Mong and Lyn‘s “Love Letter for You.”  Both Key and IU sounded amazing, and they looked totally comfortable with each other as they sang together. This is yet another great addition to the saga of IU and SHINee collaborating!

7. When IU gave Onew the best compliment ever

When SHINee appeared on IU’s Palette, IU gave Onew the best compliment a singer could ever ask for!

| IU Official/YouTube

IU told Onew that she likes her voice best out of all the male singers. She even said that she would want her voice to sound like Onew’s if she were a man. Considering IU is an amazing singer herself, this compliment was a huge honor!